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Foreign Training
    Opportunities (Not Funded)

  T A Circulars

      TA Circular2013/2014(II)new
      TA Circular 2013 - 2014
        Year 2012/13 -TA Circular and   Programes List
       Year 2010/11 - TA Circular and   Programes List
       Year 2009/10 - TA Circular and   Programes  list

Scholarship Details

       Masters Degree Programme -Koica Details
            1. Masters Degree Programme on Rural Society Leadership  for Global Poverty Reduction  
            2. Masters Degree Programme on  Development Competency through SME  
            3. Master Degree Programme on International Studies   
  • Master of Fisheries Science -KOICA  : Details

Foreign Training Opportunities (Not Funded)
       The Colombo Plan - University Sains Malaysia (USM)- Long term Scholaship Program 2012/2013 : |more details|
       Master of Social Sciences in Strategy and Diplomacy 2012/2013:|more details|
       Scholarship for Studies and Research in Germany  : www.funding-guide.de; www.daad.de/ipp; www.daad.de/en/form
           Master of Science in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development : www.itcilo.org
       Training Programs on Project Management, Procurement, and Governance visit www.setym.com
        Excellence in Distance Education Awards Introduction : visit also : www.col.org/edea
        For more information about TRUST IN GOVERNMENT : Promoting Ethics, Integrity and Professional Standards in Public Services.
         Introduction :Broacher And Application :Visit also www.public-admin.co.uk
          For more information about Australian Leadership Awards Scholarships http://www.ausaid.gov.au/scholar/ala.cfm

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