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USD 453 mn from ADB for Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program

-      The Total Investment USD – 675 m

The Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program is one of the major ongoing investment program currently being implemented under the loan assistance of the Asian Development Bank(ADB) The total investment cost of this program is USD 675 million of which USD 453 million will be provided by ADB under Multi - tranche Financing Facility (MFF). The Government of Sri Lanka has already signed two loan agreements with ADB to obtain USD 150 million to finance the first tranche of the programme.

Three major investment projects; Upper Elahera Canal Project, North Western Province Canal Project, Minipe Left Bank Canal Rehabilitation Project will be implemented under the above investment program. The construction of new and improved water conveyance and storage infrastructure under this program will increase the productivity of agricultural lands in the North Western, North Central and Central Provinces. Constructions of 158 Km canals including 38 km of tunnels are being implemented. In addition construction of two new reservoirs with storage capacity of 36 MCM (Million Cubic Meters) are also included in the program. Rehabilitation of 74 km Minipe Left Bank Canal is also programmed under this investment.

25,000 farmer families under Upper Elahera Canal Project, 40,000 farmer families under North Western Province Canal Project and 15,000 farmer families under Minipe Left Bank Canal Rehabilitation Project will be directly benefited through this whole program. In addition, provision of safe drinking water for people live in those areas will help to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease. (CKD)


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