TA No. Title Type Sector Amount (USD) Main Activities
9085 Wind Power Generation Project PPTA Energy 2,000.00 The TA will support the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the implementing agency, in preparing a feasibility study, preliminary engineering design, and conducting due diligence.
9278 Solar Rooftop Power Generation Project PPTA Energy 225.00

TA will support to:

  • conduct a study on technical and regulatory aspects, and economic and financial implications of the solar rooftop power generation initiative, including lessons learnt from other countries on implementing solar rooftop projects; and
  • support the executing agency and ADB in conducting due diligence on technical, regulatory, financial management, financial and economic analyses, and relevant safeguards (mainly environment since solar rooftop installations will not have any involuntary resettlement and indigenous peoples impacts), as well as assisting executing and implementing agencies of the ensuing project with contracting strategy.
8235 Human Capital Development Capacity and Implementation Support (Supplementary) CDTA Education 2,350.00

Outcome of the TA would be enhanced governement capacity to plan, coordinate, and implement results-oriented human capital development with greater synergies across subsectors. Outputs of the TA are as follows:

  • Improved policy and technical capactiy for planning human developemnt sector programs
  • Strengthened insitutional and fiduciary capacity for planning, coordnating, and implementing human develoment sector programs
  • Research on human development programs to guide better design.
9080 Cluster Development and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Finance Innovation CDTA Finance 2,000.00

TA supports the implementation of the proposed SME Line of Credit Project and has two components to support three of the projects's outputs.

Component 1: the TA supports the project's output 2 (innovative SME financing schemes development) by following activities.

  • Mange the auction system
  • Design a national credit guarantee shceme for SMEs.

Component 2 : the TA will suport the project's output 3 (Capacity of SMEs in targeted clusters for accessing financial services enhanced) and output 4 (international competitiveness of the information and communication technology and business process outsourcing cluster strengthened) of the project. under this component the following activities are included.

  • Strengthen the capacity of women entrepreneurs,
  • Structure cluster-based loans,
  • Strengthen international branding of ICT-BPO,
  • Increase women's participation in ICT-BPO.
9213 Developing the Capital Market CDTA Finance 750.00

the TA will support the implementation of key reform actions under the Capital Market Development Program by building capacity to carry out the reforms  at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Ministry of Labor (MOL), the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF), and the Insuarance Board of Sri Laka (IBSL). Following activities are envisaged under the TA.

  • Facilitation of the demutualization of the Colombo Stock Exchange,
  • Development of a multilayered, multiproduct financial certificiaton framework,
  • Enhancement of financial literacy and outreach for Unit Trusts.
  • Legal review of the Unit Trust Code and drafting of relatd legislation,
  • Legal review of the current securitization framework and drafting of the Securitization Act,
  • Establishment of derivatives market
  • Development of astratgey for establisihing a commodities exchange
  • Assessment of options for reforming the current system for retirement savings
  • Enhancement of risk managment capacity at the Employees Provident Fund for alternative Investments and foreign equities
  • Establisment of dispute resolution panel for insurance cases
  • Deepening of financial literacy regarding insurance products.
8271 Southern Highways Investment Program PPTA Transport 1,000.00
  • "Prepare an action plan to strengthen the institution and policy framework plan for expressway development and operation
  • Recommend appropriate construction technologies for Sri Lanka’s road sector
  • Provide technical support for project preparation to review the feasibility study and preliminary design of Southern Expressway Extension and to improve the implementation readiness"
8473 Integrated Road Operation and Development Investment Program PPTA Transport 1,000.00
  • "Support due diligence  required for the civil works of Integrated Road Investment Program
  • Develop a mechanism of performance tracking and information management"
9021 Colombo Suburban Railway Project PPTA Transport 1,450.00
  • "Preparation of a strategy for the improvement of the railway system in the Western Region, identify priority projects and prepare pre feasibility study for the Veyangoda - Colombo Fort - Panadura section.
  • study impact of loan distance transport study options for improvement of the Kelani Valley Line"
9161 National Port Master Plan PATA Transport 1,500.00
  • "Preparation of National Port Directions
  • Preparation of  Colombo Port Development Plan
  • Preparation of Trincomalee Port Development Plan
  • Identification and prioritization of connectivity projects
  • Conduct technical review of the final design of the Port Access Elevated Highway Project"
8668 Rapid Assessment of Sea Water Desalination and Other Alternative Water Sources for Jaffna Water Supply PPTA Water and other urban infrastructure and services 225.00
  • Review water demand for Jaffna Peninsula                             
  • Assess quality of the seawater in Jaffna Peninsula
  • Review pre - feasibility of alternate water supply sources in Jaffna
  • Compare technical and financial viability of alternative water resources
8835 Institutional Development of National Water Supply and Drainage Board CDTA Water and other urban infrastructure and services 1,000.00 TA represents a major step within NWSDB towards the shift to control and reassignment of responsibilities from head office to the Regional Centers. And its expected to lead to significant improvement in performance and the enhancement of associated monitoring mechanisms.
7676 Capacity Development for Water Supply and Sanitation Service Delivery CDTA Water and other urban infrastructure and services 600.00 "Assessment of the rationale for the institutional and organizational set-up of the national government’s public administration, and National Public Service System. institutional and organizational arrangements in the
national public administration submitted to OPR."
8798 Improving Project Readiness and Portfolio Management CDTA Water and other urban infrastructure and services 1,000.00 support the government to improve capacities of EA staff implementing ADB financed projects and enhance the ability of EAs to address the cross cutting issues in achieving on-time readiness and enhanced portfolio performance.
9049 Northern Province Sustainable Fisheries Development Project PPTA Agriculture, natural resources and rural development 600.00 The overall study consists of two Phases. Phase 1 will develop a coarse hydrodynamic model to simulate the dominant large scale wave, wind and tide driven circulation patterns and use those results to design and implement a bathymetric survey of the four study areas (Pesalai, Gurunagar, Point Pedro and Mullaitivu) which will feed into Phase 2. Phase 2 will perform detailed coastal sediment transport modelling for the four sites, and assess the prevailing alongshore sediment transport regime in the four study areas.
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