( Ministry of Finance and Planning,  Colombo, Sri Lanka. )



Stewardship of public funds in the execution of public expenditure programmes, enhancing financial managerial functions and providing accounting services

  Key functions

The maintenance of

     a centralised accounting and reporting system of the revenue and expenditure transactions of all government institutions and

        a cash management system

        a system of debt management of the Government together with The Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Department of External Services

in order to execute the National Budget.


Director General of State Accounts Mr. N Warusawitharana



CIGAS (Computerised Integrated Government Accounting System) is the standard Accounting Software used to maintain Government Accounts in Sri Lanka. It is an integrated General Ledger, Cash Book, Bank Reconciliation, Branch Amalgamation, Cheque Voucher Receipt generation, Budget Control package. With one time entry of receipts, payments it instantaneously updates all books of accounts automatically, and outputs all accounting information required. CIGAS was first introduced in 1995 and presently used by over 2000 accounting units all over Sri Lanka, both in Central Government and Provincial Councils. CIGAS has

        reduced the average time Monthly Accounting to Treasury  from 60  to  11 days.

         improved the accuracy by bringing the errors  from 11% in 1993 to 0.01%.

        enriched the accounting with more management information.

A team led by P M Pius Fernando (Email- ) a Director of the Department of State Accounts, General Treasury, developed and implemented CIGAS and now provide maintenance and user support.


Click here to Download Latest Version of CIGAS 9
( After download double click CIGAS9.EXE to unzip files to c:\Cigas9 directory. Thereafter change to C:\Cigas9 and double click INSTALL.EXE to install)