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Human Resources Development

The rapid growth and development of the country demands more skilled professionals for the public service with specialized knowledge in different subject areas. Having recognized this need, Government of Sri Lanka is utilizing the technical assistance programmes provided by the bilateral countries and development partners as one of the strategies to improve the quality and efficiency of the public service by providing necessary foreign trainings to the public servants enabling them to cope with the emerging challenges.

In this process, the Department of External Resources (ERD) plays a key role as a focal point of Sri Lanka by facilitating the public officials to utilize the available foreign training opportunities in an optimal way.  As public sector officials play a key role in policy formulation, planning, designing and implementation of development projects as well as delivering quality and effective public services, these training programmes help them to understand the international perspectives and best practices with regard to the respective disciplines while acquiring new knowledge of emerging technologies and being equipped with relevant skills. These programmes consist of both long term (such as master degree programmes) and short term training programmes.

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