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SOE Commitments 2018.01.01-2018.12.31

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2021 -Loans and Grants  (July)


Commitments 2021 (up to end September2021) 

 Foreign financing

The Government has committed to aligning required financing on high priority development projects since the beginning of 2020 to curtail foreign debt exposure while creating non-debt financed projects. As such, the Government obtained foreign loans amounting to USD 1,710 million in the first eight months of 2021. This consists of Official Development Assistance (ODA) of USD 901.9 million of which, USD 28.6 million was made in the form of grants and the balance USD 873.3 million was made as loans. A further USD 500 million and another RMB 2,000 million as a Foreign Currency Term Financing facility from the China Development Bank was raised at very competitive terms compared to the market rates.





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